Play2Green project presented on study visit at UNIZG-FER!

5 December 2023

The Play2Green project was presented during the study visit organized as part of the international seminar “Embrace Inclusion & Diversity in your Erasmus+ projects “! 😊

In November 2023, the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs (AMPEU) hosted about 40 participants from partner Erasmus+ countries (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Malta and Romania) with the aim of raising awareness of inclusion and diversity and promoting the participation of more people with fewer opportunities in Erasmus+ projects.
As part of the second day of the seminar “Embrace Inclusion & Diversity in your Erasmus+ projects” (LTE), project coordinators and team members, implementing mobility and partnership projects, in the fields of school education, vocational E&T, higher and adult education, had the opportunity to visit the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb (FER), an institution whose projects were highlighted as examples of good practice in the field of inclusion and diversity.

The emphasis of the study visit at FER was placed on the presentation of FER’s inclusive research and projects. The activities of the Competence Network ICT-AAC were presented, as well as the results of the INNOSID project. One of the results of the multidisciplinary collaboration of ICT-AAC members was the development of the applications Encounter (cooperation with HAKOM), KuhARica and Gibalica (cooperation with the Croatian Association for Down syndrome).
The attendees were also presented with two new Erasmus+ projects in which FER participates: the Play2Green project, which focuses on the development of serious games for universal access to green education, and the eduIDT project, which focuses on the development of inclusive design applications in technically oriented subjects at universities.

The organizer of the study visit was an associate professor Jurica Babic, ambassador of inclusion and diversity for the field of higher education and head of the Play2Green project.

Krešimir Musa
Ivana Ivanda
Jurica Babić
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