Blended Hackathon in Dubrovnik

19 September 2023

Physical part of Blended Hackathon officially started on 18th of September, 2023!

The  host of this year’s hackathon from 17th to 23rd September 17-23, 2023 is University of Dubrovnik (Croatia).

Blended Hackathon goal is to design serious games on the topic of environmental protection and the fight against climate change. Unlike common computer games, which are primarily entertainment-oriented, serious games represent an innovative form of learning material, given that they offer interactive educational content and learning “through experience”, but fun is not neglected.

The hackathon’s participants are students and teachers from 5 higher education institutions from Croatia, Spain, Hungary and France, as well as representatives of the Spanish association for the deaf ASPAS. Students are organized into 5 international teams and together they are working on designing serious games dealing with ocean pollution, animal endangerment, urban gardening and other related green topics. They proposed the first project draft (including technical documentation and visual prototype) in the virtual part of the Blended Hackathon  (between June and September), while the final solutions will be presented on Friday, September 22.

In addition to intensive collaboration on their projects, students acquire important knowledge and skills in the fields of multiculturalism, inclusiveness, universal design for learning, 3D printing and holograms through daily workshops. 

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