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We teach students to speak the language of social network analysis.

We are dedicated to teaching. Social network analysis emerges as a collection of profound disciplines originating from maths, computer science, physics, economics, sociology, biology, education, and others, so we touch a little bit of everything. But our focus is on complex network applications ranging from telecommunications and computer systems analysis to a policy design.

Currently, we teach ‘Social networks’ as an advanced course for MS students at FER. The students are also involved with an extensive social network analysis projects for their seminars and diploma theses.

Our teaching philosophy is to create an affective context for students to learn with sincere motivation. By thoroughly following their steps of progress, we teach them to ‘catch a fish’ and use their own ideas. Also, a two-way communication is an essential key to a successful teaching.

  • Society strengths and weaknesses are encoded in social networks. Lets decode.
  • In the ocean of online information, how big the social network sea is?
  • Information noise is filtered and personalized by the social networks.
  • Social networks give new life to the old paradigm of networking.
  • The strength of social networks is in their power to increase social happiness.
  • Social network analysis influences back the social structures it analyses.
  • A social network is an organism with its birth and a life full of ups and downs.
  • The origin human need to connect has brought us to social networks.
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