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Social technologies make a consumer the centre of a social network universe.

Our mission is to give life to our research ideas. As social networking brings new and challenging business opportunities, we are excited about meeting new industry partners, and collaborating in the process of technology transfer.

A social network consumer is the centre of the social network universe as (s)he is given an amusing illusion of being a main actor in his/hers personalized play. Here, (s)he enjoys selecting a customized product from a popular company, or a direct communication with friends, political officers, movie stars… In order words, a consumer is closer to services than ever, and the providers get an instant response from the consumer, which is a new business paradigm for both the industry and e-government. Social networks make new personalized products and services flourish.

  • The technology encodes the society into a stream of bits, and social networks give meaning to these bits.
  • The most beautiful goal of social network technology is to make people happy.
  • Social technology has cleaned off the dust from the shelf of old friendships.
  • If knowledge is power, then social networks are roads to carry it and share.
  • Social networks bridge the gap between the people and the government.
  • Social network analysis reveilles the point where the fun meets science.
  • Social networks and the technology are the two arms shaking hands.
  • What the next generation of social networks will bring us?
  • For a dance of social network actors, the music is produced by powerful players.
  • In a world of information power, news come quickly via social networks.
  • Social networks are popular for a reason, they are both amusing and useful.
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