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University of Zagreb

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing


The University of Zagreb (1669), which consists of 34 faculties and academies, is the oldest and biggest university in the South-Eastern Europe. With its comprehensive programmes and over 50,000 full-time students the University of Zagreb is the strongest educational institution in Croatia. Specifically, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, through education and innovation in fields of electrical engineering, computer science and information and communication technology, prepares students for leading technological and societal development of Croatia.

Vedran Podobnik
Vedran PodobnikProject Coordinator, Steering Committee Member, UNIZG-FER Team Leader, TEAMSOC21 Lecturer
Ignac Lovrek
Ignac LovrekSteering Committee Member, Lecturer
Jurica Babic
Jurica BabicProject Manager
Dario Pevec
Dario PevecWeb & Social Media Administrator
Hrvoje Vdovic
Hrvoje VdovicEvent Operations Assistant
Matea Zilak
Matea ZilakEvent Operations Assistant


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Matea Sabolic

TeamSoc21 Zagreb2018 Student

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Tima Redzovic

TeamSoc21 Zagreb2018 Student


How do we innovate at the University of Zagreb?
As Croatia’s leading academic institution, we combine knowledge of our professors, curiosity of our researchers and open-mindedness of our students to foster innovation in our society and economy.


How do we use ICT to tackle societal challenges?
For example, we use ICT to develop innovative mobile applications for persons with complex communication needs (e.g., persons with Down syndrome). For more info check out our ICT-AAC project.


How do we promote intercultural environment?
Intercultural dialogue attracts a lot of attention in Croatia, the youngest member of the EU. This is why at our university we encourage interaction between different cultures, communities and people.