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What do we learn behind the curves and graphs of social networks?

We are fascinated by the way the machines have affected human connectedness, and by the increase of a modern social space due to an impressive flurry of online social networks. This point, where the technology meets and influences human interactions, ideas and emotions, inspires our research.

Using the social network analysis foundations, we model current social phenomena from various aspects and search for their causes, explanations and consequences. Complementary, we also search for new methods to influence the social structures and their behaviour given their character and dynamics, and to design new social politics in different application areas. As social network analysis flirts with many disciplines, ranging from social and human sciences to high technology, we also explore new application areas where the social networking and computing can be successfully applied.

  • Does a stream of social influence resemble to a stream of electrons?
  • Who creates laws that social network traffic obeys?
  • On highways of a social network, how social their destinations really are?
  • On highways of a social network, how social their destinations really are?
  • Does the loop of influence between the society and online society converge?
  • Have social networks deleted major social barriers among people?
  • How close are social, biological, neural and other complex networks?
  • What is it about social networks that make us log in again and again?
  • If we keep increasing our social behaviour knowledge, where does it take us?
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