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University of Debrecen


University of Debrecen is one of Hungary’s five elite-research universities, offering the widest choice of majors in the country for over 29,000 students, including 3,741 international students. UD’s 1500 lecturers of 14 faculties endeavour to live up to the elite university status and to provide high quality education. Our goal is to train professionals possessing all necessary skills and knowledge to enter the regional, national, or international labour market with a competitive degree. More than 1000 lecturers with doctoral degrees (PhD), 25 doctoral schools, and the volume of internationally renowned research publications and projects attest to the scientific dominance of the university. 139 of the lecturers and researchers are Doctors of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and 27 are members of the Academy.

Marianna Zichar
Marianna ZicharUNIDEB Team Leader, INNOSOC Lecturer
 Istvan Oniga
Istvan OnigaINNOSOC Lecturer


Róbert Tóth does not have a photo :(

Róbert Tóth

INNOSOC 2017 Student

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András Erdős

INNOSOC 2016 Student

Tibor Salagvárdi does not have a photo :(

Tibor Salagvárdi

INNOSOC 2017 Student

Ákos Tóth does not have a photo :(

Ákos Tóth

INNOSOC 2017 Student

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Robert Bólyi

INNOSOC 2016 Student

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Máté Varga

INNOSOC 2016 Student

József Zákány does not have a photo :(

József Zákány

INNOSOC 2016 Student


How do we innovate at the University of Debrecen?
Strong collaborations are established with companies committed for social challenges. Not only researchers but our students are involved in these activities implying the need of innovative thinking.


How do we use ICT to tackle societal challenges?
Several research groups work on how ICT can be applied in health care systems (e.g. devices and services for health monitoring and prevention, supporting older persons to remain active and healthy).


How do we promote intercultural environment?
Our faculty runs undergraduate and postgraduate programs in English for international students, where also exchange students are welcome. So, real intercultural environment is given for our students.