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Technical University of Kosice


Technical University of Košice (TUKE) was established in 1952. The content of education and research at University includes the entire complex of sciences and economics. The TUKE seeks to maintain a cohesive and interdependent relationship between their teaching, research and service activities with accordance to European state of Art. The TUKE has 9 faculties with 17 030 students and 1880 staff. The TUKE has been the first and so far the only university in Slovakia to meet the criteria of the international standard EN ISO 9001:2000 and it received the quality certificate in the area of providing educational and research processes and enterprise activities within a public university (certification by TÜV SÜD Slovakia s.r.o.).

Lubomir Dobos
Lubomir DobosTUKE Team Leader, INNOSOC Lecturer
Maria Gamcova
Maria GamcovaINNOSOC Lecturer


Dominik Nezník does not have a photo :(

Dominik Nezník

INNOSOC 2017 Valencia

Dávid Hrabčák does not have a photo :(

Dávid Hrabčák

INNOSOC 2017 Student

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Tomas Koctur

INNOSOC 2016 Student

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Martin Matis


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Dávid Čonka

INNOSOC 2016 & 2017 Student


How do we innovate at the Technical University of Kosice?
TU support innovations in education (modern ICT infrastructure for students & staff, free wifi everywhere in the campus), excellent research centers. Special support for startups & innovative ideas.


How do we use ICT to tackle societal challenges?
TU have barrier free center for disadvantaged students, e-learning and online documents for students (exams, study results, application forms), internet in the dormitories.


How do we promote intercultural environment?
TU provide support for international students of all 3 levels of study. We have several student organizations: Best, ESN, IAESTE. We organize events for different cultures/nations.