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About IMT

In the 30 years since its creation, Telecom Bretagne has affirmed itself as a pioneering “Grande École” in education, research and enterprise. It trains multi-discipline engineers able to assume important responsibilities. Recognised for its dynamism and its very substantial international dimension, Telecom Bretagne has partnerships with more than 100 establishments of higher education and research throughout the world. It collaborates with MIT and the Lausanne École Polytechnique Fédérale on the subject of pedagogic innovation. More than a thousand students, from 50 countries, follow engineering courses on two quite exceptional campuses situated at the heart of very active high-technology clusters.

IMT Team

Catherine Sable
Catherine SableSC Member
Alison Gourves
Alison GourvesSC Member

IMT, People with disabilities, and innovative solutions

IMT Atlantique is open to cooperation in teaching and research that respects differences and the School implements the Ministry’s strategy for digital, energy and environmental transitions at each of its sites. The School is highly involved in Medical research, for instance Medical Data Protection and decision support, e-health, telemedicine, virtual pre-operative planning, patient-friendly medical intervention or robot coaching for physical rehabilitation. Aware of its societal role, it contributes to the development of scientific, technological and industrial culture through multiple actions, with a policy of sustainable development and social responsibility that engages staff and students and has national certification. These actions include a compulsory unit on sustainable development for first year engineering students, which involves working with companies to use and create emerging technologies for robotic aid for people with disabilities, social inclusion for migrants and improved communication for Senior Citizens. First year students follow a course in English on Diversity (European Legislation and Social Inclusion).  The School also has an active Gender Equality Group, which is involved in outreach programmes for young women studying STEM subjects, promotes equal pay and promotion opportunities for women in Engineering and supports the anti-sexual harassment policies put in place by Senior Management. There is a strong focus on quality of life for all on our campuses.”

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