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About FER

The University of Zagreb (1669), which consists of 34 faculties and academies, is the oldest and biggest university in the South-Eastern Europe. With its comprehensive programmes and over 50,000 full-time students the University of Zagreb is the strongest educational institution in Croatia. Specifically, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, through education and innovation in fields of electrical engineering, computer science and information and communication technology, prepares students for leading technological and societal development of Croatia.

FER Team

Jurica Babic
Jurica BabicProject Coordinator
Vedran Podobnik
Vedran PodobnikSC Member
Ignac Lovrek
Ignac LovrekSC Member
Matea Zilak
Matea ZilakSocial Media Manager
Željka Car
Željka CarICT-AAC Expert
Iva Topolovac
Iva TopolovacCannonhunter
Ivana Gace
Ivana GaceProject Administrator
Hrvoje Vdovic
Hrvoje VdovicProcurement
Dario Pevec
Dario PevecPR/Event Manager

FER, people with disabilities, and innovative solutions

“We continuously work on development of innovative solutions based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for people with complex communication needs and different difficulties. So far, many solutions for mobile devices for education and communication of children with complex communication needs have emerged from the continuous cooperation of scientists and experts from different domains. Collaboration and research also focus on other technologies, such as contactless interfaces, wireless technologies, smart wearables, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, and analysis and implementation of multimedia content accessibility, all with the aim of contributing to the quality of life of people with disabilities.

For our efforts we were awarded the “Ivan Filipović national Award in 2015″ by the Board of Ivan Filipović Award appointed by the Croatian Parliament.”


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