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SocialLab Datasets

SmartSocial Dataset Core (Download)

SmartSocial Dataset Network (Download)

Croatian Sentiment Lexicon Dataset (Download)

EmoticonLexicon Dataset (Download)

Willingness-to-Pay for Electric Vehicle Charging (Gamified Survey), English version (link), Croatian version (link)

You can find more details in: „Dorcec, Lara; Pevec, Dario; Vdovic, Hrvoje; Babic, Jurica; Podobnik, Vedran. Exploring Willingness to Pay for Electric Vehicle Charging with Gamified SurveyProceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies (SpliTech 2018), 2018, 1-8“

WTP survey data 26/07/2018 (Download)

NBA Playoffs 2016-2017 Dashboard, Web dashboard (link)

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