Poziv studentima za sudjelovanje na dvotjednoj internacionalnoj TeamSoc21 radionici u Valenciji (Španjolska)

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Članovi ZTEL-a FER-a koordiniraju ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnerships projekt na Sveučilištu u Zagrebu pod nazivom “The ICT Engineer of 21st Century: Mastering Technical Competencies, Management Skills, and Societal Responsibilities (TeamSoc21)”. Projektni konzorcij čini 12 sveučilišta iz 8 europskih zemalja, dok projekt traje od rujna 2017. godine do kolovoza 2019. godine. Projekt TeamSoc21 je nastavak višegodišnje suradnje partnerskih sveučilišta u sklopu različitih ERASMUS projekata. Više detalja o [...]

TeamSoc21 Steering Committee 4th meeting

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The TeamSoc21 4th steering committee was held in Valencia, Spain on 18.-19. of December. The main topic of the meeting was the workshop and the virtual mobility that are planed for the next year in Valencia - organization of accommodation, entrepreneurial topics, and call for student participation. The second part of the meeting was more oriented towards the [...]

TeamSoc21 Multiplier event, Valencia 2018

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More than 150 people attended the TeamSoc21 multiplier event The TeamSoc21 Multiplier event was held on 18th and 19th of December in Valencia (Spain). The event was in its whole hosted by Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación, Universitat Politècnica de València. Participants had the opportunity to listen TeamSoc21 project coordinator Vedran Podobnik talk about importance of [...]

TeamSoc21 on KA203 workshop

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Our project manager Jurica Babic, together with project coordinator Vedran Podobnik attended KA203 workshop that was held on 7th December 2018 at Hotel Dubrovnik, Zagreb (Croatia). The aim of the workshop was to encourage partnerships in the field of higher education. In light of that topic, our project manager and coordinator held a presentation about [...]

Our project manager Jurica Babić attended seminar in Łódź where he introduced the TeamSoc21 project

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Project manager Jurica Babić attended seminar titled „Innovate your teaching through the methods like gamification, e-learning, design thinking, project based learning, use of new technologies in higher education“ which was held from 26th to 29th of September 2018. in Łódź (Poland). Seminar was focused on participants interaction and discussion. One of the primary focuses was Tool Fair on which [...]

TeamSoc21 Steering Committee 3rd meeting

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The TeamSoc21 3rd steering committee was held in Brest, France on 20.-22. of September. The first phase of the meeting was to discuss statistics and comments from the participants of TeamSoc21 workshop in Zagreb that was held this year in May. The next phase of the meeting was to discuss the next year of the project that [...]

Dissemination, sustainability and impact in Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships in Higher Education

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TeamSoc21 project manager, Jurica Babic, attended transnational cooperation activity: "Dissemination, sustainability and impact in Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships in Higher Education" that was held in Bonn, Germany (16.-17.05.2018.). On that highly interactive workshop, he held a public presentation about TeamSoc21 project which greatly increased the visibility of the project.

TeamSoc21 workshop in Zagreb 2018 – End of the second week

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TeamSoc21 workshop in Zagreb has officially ended with the second week.  The second week of the workshop was dominated with mostly technical lectures. Participants learned about the impact of 3D printers and modelling. Those interesting lectures, relevant to one of entrepreneurial cases, were held by Marianna Zichar and Ildiko Papp. Our Bulgarian partners: Filip Tsvetanov and Teodor Iliev talked about one of the highly relevant challenges today - border protections.  [...]

TeamSoc21 workshop in Zagreb 2018 – Weekend

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After the end of very productive first week of the workshop, participants are given one free day on Saturdey to work on their enterpreneurial cases as they were instructed by their supervisors. As the Saturday was free for all, some of the participants even managed to visit beautiful Croatian coastline. Whole Sunday was reserved for [...]

TeamSoc21 workshop in Zagreb 2018 – End of the first week

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After the virtual mobility phase, second, physical mobility phase of entrepreneurial case study development has started with the workshop held in Zagreb, Croatia from 16th to 27th of April. The workshop started with the opening ceremony held by Jurica Babic, followed by the talk about the past experiences of INNOSOC workshop participants. First week of the workshop was dominated by soft skills lectures [...]